una pestañeada y todos cambian, es una ofensa a los sentidos y todo o mas bien nada comienza a ser real

Where am i,  ask himself the poor man, surrounded by women and signals he can't comprehend
"Perhaps there's a reason" he thought but in the bottom of the heart he knew he was surrounded by atoms
"must be the fairest place here" exclaimed while he bite his own teeth

texting new devices while finding everything else, writing with a fine pencil
writing with a harder past the best part of this is this flows and let you follow
your own grip is pretty fine i must say because everything is so corporated 
but the worst part is that the ink is the same as the colour of the grid
so is useless to dig this part but nevertheless
Writing in this is so comfortable, it's all made of invisible ink

it's so good, that hurts

oh yeah i remember this, i like that


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