random people eating at random tables
thinking about the one who is waiting
looking for empty chairs, eating alone
listening music, waiting for mom
doing things twice a day
smiling, discussing, what's on the tray
looking for foreign face, foreign postures
using no eraser, sampling high pitched versions
of themselves, using other worlds
looking people going down
looking people going up
looking people looking people

being lifted, smile for nothing
waiting for the light, raise themselves
to see the food, using a knife
using his eyes, being held
being ponytailed

looking up like is the first time
looking down like is every day
looking skewed like thinking
reality is a bad habit


the days being wasted on years that can't come back
the times when i felt out of place and the times i run
out of fuel and start to run
run from myself, run from people
run from my future, being engulfed by my past
crossed over by a car named time

fetching letters
fetching faces
realizing that
songs are better after some years


i don't like people all the time


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