and former children are oscillating guards
entire families come to die here
the dogs wave then tail at our corpses
all  hopes is used as a weapon here
(the same thing that we used to kill them)
our battle chips are used to give them information
(we fill coconuts with the fluid to regain consciousness)
the water is tasteless and unrefreshing
the saliva is the only thing i drink
and is collapsing my lungs , i cannot walk
part of my bed gives me chills
and crippled soldiers fall around me, like bones
to eat them, one go, one of us go
dogs roam free and we are not allowed to
a dry place for warm warned dreams
are gone , this is now a desert
six years have passed and all illusions
no one can say that being here is sane
the echoes of past lovers, the cough and the sigh
i hear every day different languages
this one was a playground with colours
endless invisible children play here
the noise of the wives to put me numb
they have used the television and
i'm in the wrong place at the wrong time
sleeping while the cars roam thru my house
and i've lost entire afternoons listening the high wires

every day i wrote up to the sound of wind
i'm a prisoner in a field of rice
i have no other chance to escape
let me go, let me go i beg you


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