this is the wrong page
in a different way i'm doing this
running in circles running
like you don't have end
like you don't know to be tired
hoping to finish this pen in a
healthy way, i hope i can draw
a beautiful hair, i hope i can
dream in some beautiful eyes
the cheapest mistakes the
finer lines, i hope the shape
of my desires don't block me
the light, well one can hope
to fulfill this dreams in a
blank page while trying to
focus on what your-same-name-port
seems to like, the bottoms of
the nurture, the rounded shape
of the forbidden, the cramps and
the wrong postures, the used parts
the walked shoes, the wrong site
unused social behaviour, unused
ways of protest, old ways to look
afar, knowing that you know
nothing about this people and
they seem to know all about
you, but all is a myth and an
unnacepted truth, all the music
you don't play, all the chords
you are hiding from your prejudices
all the melodies that you can't
     write anymore


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