this is the pool of airy dreams

      i place different things when you are 
      not there, what happened with 
that little rascal that you chose that
rascal, that rascal, i'm sure he's gone 
forever , i hope that you don't let
this kind of writing lets you down
Particularely i don't think like
that and i don't feel awkward when
you make me smile, why i'm 
writing this? if you are already here...
maybe because i'm a lie and
a sinner and a mainstream nothing
else just a fish under some
heavy currents that didn't learned
to swim and now is facing
himself to do other things like
writing to know what's happening
with his brain, and all i can
say is that his brain plays
tricks on him placing letters when
he need to complete one first
ad_ and forcing him to write like a
knave knight without a sword
a day without sun, an earth
with without water


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