Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 2006
he aqui un gran articulo de una gran persona
no matter how's technical is he, matter his way of thought(sic)


Row the Boats
By Neil Peart
We're only immortal for a limited time.
Musicians are sometimes said to be immature. Not us guys, you understand, but some of the other musicians we know. Like them, we spent our adolescent years welded to our instruments, obsessed by music to the exclusion of nearly everything else in "normal life". And maybe that youthful seriousness, which in a way is growing up too fast, means that the adolescent sense of immortality and irresponsibility stays with us a little longer, into the time when we're supposed to be adults. This is called the "artistic temperament." This is also called a good excuse. The point is, each of us experiences a time when we feel immortal, when time is not passing and we're never going to die. But it's a limited-time offer - time does pass, and soon enough the realities of life comes crow…