Mostrando las entradas de enero, 2012
int bed noon gerry is half naked, cannot woke up, he tries to wake up five times until he fell to the ground int kitchen day gerry fills a glass of water. (5 seconds)
GERRY carl, how's that you wake up  without feeling sleepy? CARL i don't know ,  i just set the alarm GERRY but must be something  that makes you alert
carl look him on the eyes
CARL yes, no coffee GERRY no coffee? CARL yep, once you learn to stay awake  without coffee all is easy
carl leaves his cup in the table and leaves
gerry sits alone in the kitchen
GERRY i'm far from being comfortable here,  every things seems so easy  but i insist to make things  difficult to me
sophie enters to the kitchen and put two oranges in the table
SOPHIE pick one! GERRY what? SOPHIE come one! pick one!
gerry is not awake yet, he still don't know what to choose
SOPHIE come on man, i'm leaving GERRY but what do you want me to do?
sophie starts to nod and sits in front of him
SOPHIE if you don't choose, time will ta…
ext park day gerry put out the moleskine and start to draw, first a little tree then a running child finally an old man selling ice creams
GERRY (yawning) why i'm so sleepy?  can i die from sleeping too much? kid what are you doing? GERRY drawing, why? KID oh, and what's that? GERRY a tree KID looks like a pineapple GERRY no, just a tree KID and that? GERRY just a random kid running KID and why all those lines? GERRY to show movement kid and the truck? GERRY that is not a truck, is an old man selling ice cones KID looks like a truck GERRY listen kid, why don't you go somewhere else? KID no, because you're the only one drawing here and i'm lost GERRY lost? KID yeah, lost GERRY well. see that man over there?
gerry points a random guy
kid yeah, i see him GERRY well, that's a disguised cop, go with him kid and he is on vacation? GERRY what? no. he is working, you see? KID i think is on vacation because he's using sandals gerry he wears them on purpose KID if he…
INT HOUSE NIGHT a big house party a glass of beer is being served
GIRL I why you like the foam? Gerry i just like it that way GIRL I pour the beer the right way! GERRY so what?! GIRL I you're just such a mess GERRY mess it's my second name thank you!

GERRY leaves with two beers evading the dancing people
RANDOM GIRL dude watch out! GERRY thanks buddy!
suddenly a girl taps him from behind making GERRY drop the beer
GERRY turns around quickly

GERRY what the hell, mate?
GERRY realize she is a woman
WOMAN I mate?
GERRY grunts back, CARL a friend, hears
CARL gerry? GERRY yeah CARL dude, come here,
let me introduce you a friend, carol GERRY but i don't want to meet new people! CARL (laughing) she's not for you, is for me i don't want you to look surprized
when you both have breakfast
GERRY you prick CARL come on, i'm sure she
got some cute friends GERRY no way, i'm leaving early tonight CARL but you're living here mate,
you're talking nonsense already GE…
corta el fuego con agua que no
jefe de sus propias intenciones
sucinto a sus propios pensamientos

para algo deberian servir
estos lapices, no es cierto?

alguna tinta deberia salir
de tales aparatos, alguna norma
de tales arañas

escrituras raras, letras raras
dejar fluir la consciencia
dejar fluir lo que uno lleva adentro

sacarle fotos a todo
sacarle fotos a nada
escribir, escribir y seguir escribiendo la vida es un cuaderno vacio
lleno de hojas sin llenar el tipo va creyendo que no cree hasta que crea, hasta que se hace
una elipse de cantantes placidas
una corriente calida que no cae
los arrepentdos nichos del sobre azul
asi es como la brisa humeda cae sobre
y una aire calido envuelve el dia que no hubo perdon
cada dia una tela se moja con su olor
cada dia se levanta el telon y su marca no se borra
a lo derecho y a lo satisfecho
eso es un desprecio amplio
una cofradia bastarda sin piedad
que lanza caracteres sin verdad
el cónsul de un fusil
y el consuelo de un inutil
una vereda no factible
un verdad inconcebible
nada me queda mas que nombrar
que escribir asi es futil
una cosa es segura
para no llegar junto a ti
solo veinte lineas son las que necesito