Mostrando las entradas de febrero, 2012
"off he goes..."
here is to everyone who owns me a song
here is my own

here is to everyone who owns me a beat
will you be?

golden hours wasted in my own
letting go

sunsets not shared in real time
without soul

cars with both headlights when we can
see it all

the night seeing is getting bad
and i'm too distracted to watch it apart

the sea drifts away from me and
your tide

your tide is for someone else, even

even if has my name
he agrees
she stabs him
as he dies she comforts him and cries
he dies
she pick the phone

SHE hi. police?  someone tried to rape me

int supermarket day gerry is in the hall of the supermarket with all the groceries
COUSIN you have to finish what you started GERRY what? COUSIN yes you have to draw my sister GERRY but i don't know your sister COUSIN yes you do, because she told me  that she knows you GERRY she don't know me,  nobody knows me in this town COUSIN turn around
gerry does so and rita  is with shopping bags
RITA GERRY what are you doing here? GERRY i'm just packi...  i'm just paying the bills RITA so you're the man your house? GERRY yes i am RITA and you didn't told me  that you were drawing my sister GERRY i didn't know that was your sister RITA and that you draw like a child GERRY a kid asked me to do it, it was easy COUSIN and my drawing? GERRY oh. yes your drawing,  what was that you wanted? COUSIN i want a tree,  i want a cloud here and  i want a drawing of my sister there GERRY i cannot draw your sister COUSIN but there's space! GERRY but she is bigger than you! COUS…