i could not rescue the guitar
i don't care
i rescued from someone's pain
that is not my pencil

is awkward, precisely to
those steps are turning
i feel this mirror
Fear is what i feel

while a world of despair
and false are attempted
to trick me into
he is someone else

those are the lost pages
writing something in the middle
i'm bad with times
i don't habit love

a really good timing
mistake letters on time
like to dream well
more like daydreaming

haven't worked for a while
have a cruel memory
she is too much
not in drugs

this is who i am
or what you percieve
i need a reality check
and a map choreographer

this is a final fantasy
our real second chance
all i have written
is hope hidden

while i'm this
still charachters ahead
is not funny
if you are doing



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