seasick what ever is the way
of not   on doing things awhile 
because         the everything is
not relaxing    edge is a bitter 
minion of the knit           of disdain 
everything will become        extincion 
whatever came, whatever reign
power        makes the pawn a loser 
and the loser,          me ,  a king 
and my daughter         cry, he curses 
                          i was killed yesterday

now the red stain in my pants    
   makes the wide and the whole
road,              me  i am the sun
 i am the random  smile for the day
 i'ts a great job this            understanding
life is good here, i'm already in
dug    in packets of deserts 
bright      little bugs drop  the 
flat and even the     drops of the morning 
became eggs, proof disdain of
proof of wasted and precious    time


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