a square made of 3 little squares
applying a fine line when I'ts mesmerizing
crying in the arms of your lover
when the search ends
sobbing in the ledge of the wine
danding with the gorgeous couple in the main street
listening to random radar songs again and again
feeling the same hue, the same saturation
the endless pain of being incapable of saying nothing
being unable to bite your lips and grasping the edge of your clothes
and i'm here: wasted, heavy, dusted and unnourished

the hair that you found outside is from the book of other desires
now is closed and i'm bankrupt, leave it that way
when i'm gone you will be able to dream again
i'm gone because the same reasons you went yesterday
i could not think of our children
i'm regretting the time i saw the sign near your house
maybe you were blinded by your past
but i'm not responsible for your previous damage
i'm not the handkerchief of your stupid and immature rage


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