right now i'm changing, like a teasing fly, i look in other direction, i hope this fall
kills me in a quick way, writing this is not easy if they keep using the same
colours, well you can say this is more like drawing ideas
and my pulse is very shitty so i have to write quick and thick
a mixture between pollock ans mondrian, write like is an edge of an idea
lines of form

there's no rules , well there are rules but they change on each page
every page should be lived in a random place that's the first rule and the first that you
must break against the wall, the second rule is that, change in every step
in every beat

this is the third rule, you kew never know where you're going
no matter what's in the map, all trips changes frequently and your
reading and my drawing too

all hopes for setting a fourth rule are futile because reading the
end and well... all is futile when you don't follow the fifth rule

draw from your guts


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