San Francisco Bay Guardian
"Citizens Here and Abroad apply a Velvets-like drone to breathy, propulsive pop with enough confidence to win over all aliens, outsiders, and noncitizens."
-Kimberly Chun

East Bay Express
2003 Best of the East Bay
"There are a modest four citizens in Citizens Here and Abroad: Chris Groves and Chris Wetherell from indie sensation Dealership, and Dan Lowrie and Adrienne Robillard formerly of Secadora. They took their pledges of citizenship sometime after meeting at a 1998 Secadora gig, where Chris G. became disgusted at Dan and Adrienne's zealous patronage of the dive bar's coin-operated mixed-nuts dispenser. The result doesn't sound like a combination of its parent bands. They're less heavy than the Secadora but darker than Dealership, pulling together influences from the Fall, Stereolab, Sonic Youth, and scores of others, yet sounding like none of them. Besides playing bass, Chris G. sings and works a tiny 1982 Casio keyboard, often in tandem with a 1970's Fresno Unified School District xylophone. Adrienne, who also sings, toggles between standard and baritone guitars. Dan's guitar effects are layered, and Chris W. balances steady drums with atmospheric percussion to fill out the sound. With an as-yet-untitled EP scheduled for release this summer, the all-star lineup played Noisepop in February, opened for the Polyphonic Spree in April, and is slated to play live this Friday, May 9, at SF's Hemlock Tavern with Film School."

San Francisco Weekly
2003 Noisepop Crib Sheet
"Local reason to go: Citizens Here and Abroad, a foursome that combines the best parts of Dealership and Secadora to make the kind of perfect pop this fest was built upon."
-Dan Strachota


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