this girl you knew
you think she is clever
sure she is
not a common girl

a postmodern selfminded endearing mind/+

i think is too much
for your ambitions
little view, big ideas
no charm, no, perfect time

/+get into your eyes
do not sleep for R.E.M
just to think about her

after the great walk
you think you doing right
a perfect choice, a perfect time
a toy named feelings

you are so soft you are so soft
so wide, so empty!!
cleaned my house
cleaned my desktop
but not my heart
i've been moving every furniture
[jumping pop song]
being happy
not selfish
try to understood
x function on yourself
wait in a line
+(just wait, do not hang on)+
find a beter way to get out of here
+not being hope or hopeless+
do not try to call her
(we said ya)
+being nice but not dumb+
+do not drug yourself+
+do not accept drink+
hope to a thir war
a thir war on yourself
where are the others any way?
they are missed


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