#Repost @artgroupprojects with @repostapp ・・・ Pierre Huyghe, video still, HUMAN MASK, 2014. Truth and fiction, past and present blur in the French artist’s fascinating new show, which includes a monkey masked as a Japanese child, lilies stolen from Monet’s garden and a stone sculpture that’s warm to the touch. In close up, lively black pupils look through the eye-slits. She sits and peers about, toying with her hair, examining the hem of her dress, examining herself in a mirror. Is she afraid, bored, lonely? Somehow we project a fantasy of her feelings on the mask’s immobile planes. She could be an actor in a Noh play or a performer in a lost Greek tragedy, except there is no script and there are no directions, just a sense of loneliness and the approaching storm. She could be the last creature on earth. #PierreHuyghe #Huyghe #PierreHuyghevideo #humanmask #met #metmuseum #hauserandwirth

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