#Repost @instagram ・・・ Let’s talk numbers: More than 100,000 music fans, 15,000 workers, 5,000 portable bathrooms, 10,000 hand-painted trash bins and one giant stage in the shape of a pyramid. It’s a far shot from what the Glastonbury Festival (@glastoofficial), which takes place every June in southwest England, was when it first started in 1970. The oft-told tale from that year: tickets cost one British pound and admission included free milk from the farm it sat on. Things are a bit different now – there are more people, more bands (this year’s headliners include Kanye West and Florence and the Machine), more money and new exhibits. But the spirit has stayed the same. “It’s never rested on its laurels,” says Emily Eavis, co-organizer of the festival. “Every year we dramatically add lots of things and take some things away and move it on and keep it completely fresh.” #InstaGig #Glastonbury For more music stories from around the globe, check out @music. Photo by @glastoofficial

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