16.59 MCR=Life: Sharnice: ok u type the message then click prive
17.00 boo: out of chat
17.00 bisexualch: enter in chat
17.00 die_posers: out of chat
17.00 MCR=Life: out of chat
17.01 bisexualch: dose any bisexuals or lesbian know how to be able to tell if a girl is bi or lesbian or straight
17.01 Squeaky: out of chat
17.01 Deisol: out of chat
17.01 bisexualch: and do any bisexual girls or lesbians know how to turn a girl bi or lesbian
17.01 Sharnice: baaack
17.02 bisexualch: and if u know how please tell me
17.02 Sharnice: wow
17.02 bisexualch: brb when i get back please tell me
17.02 Sharnice: bisexualch: why do u wanna do that>
17.02 hotty: boo: noooooo
17.02 sex_boy: enter in chat
17.03 Sharnice: My arm hurts
17.03 Sharnice: lol well that was pretty random
17.03 hotty: out of chat
17.04 sex_boy: out of chat
17.05 bisexualch: k back
17.06 bisexualch: Sharnice: cuz i like a girl in my class and i really like her and i wanna know if shes bi cuz im bi and a girl and i wanna know if shes bi and if she likes me
17.06 kill_ME!: out of chat
17.07 Sharnice: bisexualch: why dont u ask her?
17.07 Sharky: enter in chat
17.07 bisexualch: cuz shes one of those girls who hides those types of things
17.08 Sharnice: bisexualch: well if she is hiding it well there must be sumthing up
17.08 ESE_RECK: were the sexy girls at
17.08 Sharnice: i think u should really just tell her how u feel
17.08 I`m_sexy_b: out of chat
17.08 sweetangel: enter in chat
17.09 Sharnice: ESE_RECK: everywhere lol
17.09 ESR: enter in chat
17.09 bisexualch: she knows i like her but idk if she likes me back
17.09 Sharky: bisexualch: U asked dis erlier
17.09 bisexualch: idk know if shes knows how much i like her
17.09 Sharky: bisexualch: ask her then
17.09 Sharnice: bisexualch: well ask her
17.09 Sharnice: bisexualch: she wouldnt hide sumthin like that
17.10 Sharnice: Sharky: nice color haha
17.10 bisexualch: but i kinda told her that i didnt like her anymore to make the gossip stop
17.10 Sharky: Sharnice: Wa?
17.10 bisexualch: so she thinks i dont like her anymore but i think she still thinks i like her
17.10 Sharnice: Sharky: dark blue
17.10 Sharky: bisexualch: U neva sed this erlie....wel by seyin dat a hink she wod sey she dnt like u cus u sed u dnt like her..
17.10 Sharnice: bisexualch: why did u tell her u didnt like her anymore?
17.11 Sharky: Sharnice: Ye wa abou tit?
17.11 bisexualch: like i said b4 she dosnt want to be `unpopular` so she would hide stuff like that
17.11 Sharnice: Sharky: lol cool color
17.11 Sharky: Sharnice: thanx u 2 lol
17.12 Sharnice: bisexualch: well maybe u 2 wouldnt be a good couple
17.12 Sharnice: Sharky: and thanx
17.12 Sharky: bisexualch: but by u seyin dat thers a chance she mide hide feelins she has 4 u if any
17.12 Sharky: wa age ru n her?
17.12 bisexualch: i said i didnt like her anymore cuz i wanted the rumors to stop
17.12 bisexualch: we would make a perfect couple
17.12 bisexualch: do u mean what grade?
17.12 bisexualch: or how old am i?
17.12 Sharnice: bisexualch: well then u must be scared of what ppl think
17.14 bisexualch: no its tjust cuz when i told them they told the teacher and i had to be pulled out of gym and talk to this teacher and i go to a christian school and the teacher was telling me verses in the bible
17.14 Sharnice: bisexualch: wow well that sucks
17.14 bisexualch: that say its wrong and that got me pretty pissed cuz this teacher was telling me not to be bi anymore and that just about pissed me off
17.14 bisexualch: and mary wass the one who told the teacher
17.15 Sharnice: ESE_RECK: u seem bored lol
17.15 bisexualch: thats why i hate mary so much its like she was put on this earth to ruin my life
17.15 Sharnice: bisexualch: maybe u 22 should run away ttogether
17.15 Sharnice: bisexualch: have a DEBS moment
17.15 bisexualch: yeah it dose suck
17.16 bisexualch: whats DEBS? and 22? and whats m8?
17.16 ESE_RECK: Sharnice: HELL YEAH
17.16 Sharnice: bisexualch: lol typos
17.17 sassy: enter in chat
17.17 Sharnice: bisexualch: and DEBS is a movie u should watch it
17.17 Sharnice: bisexualch: maybe it well help u out
17.17 Sharky: out of chat
17.17 sassy: out of chat
17.18 Sharnice: well i`m outie ppl
17.18 bisexualch: where can i find debs?
17.18 Sharnice: add me on myspace
17.19 bisexualch: nooo dont go
17.19 Sharnice: http://www.myspace.com/sharnice_aka_nene
17.19 Sharnice: at a movie store ttyl
17.19 sweetangel: out of chat
17.20 bisexualch: i just saw a clip of debs on youtube and hell yeah i wanna have a debs moment with her
17.20 bisexualch: lol
17.20 Sharnice: out of chat
17.22 bisexualch: can anyone else help me with this whole trying to find out if this girl i really like is bi or lesbian or if shes just straight
17.22 bisexualch: ?
17.23 Rulon: enter in chat
17.23 ESE_RECK: out of chat
17.24 Rulon: bisexualch: ask if she likes ponys
17.24 Sharnice: enter in chat
17.25 Sharnice: back again
17.25 sex: enter in chat
17.25 Rulon: bisexualch: or if she likes bowie
17.25 Sharnice: Rulon: lol ponys?
17.25 Sharnice: good advise haha
17.26 Sharnice: bisexualch: and why dont u just kiss her
17.26 Sharnice: that will fix everything
17.26 Rulon: Sharnice: i dunno
17.26 Sharnice:
17.26 Rulon: icons of girls???
17.26 Sharnice: Rulon: i see
17.27 Rulon: something a lesbian cant like
17.27 sassy: enter in chat
17.27 Rulon: if she is bi
17.27 Rulon: ...
17.27 sassy: out of chat
17.27 Sharnice: Rulon: lesbian ppl rock
17.27 Rulon: is like the` c) all of the above `
17.28 bisexualch: i cant ask her tho
17.28 Sharnice: i think she should just make out with her and get it over with
17.28 bisexualch: shes not one of those girls who would tell that kinda stuff
17.28 BEYONCE: enter in chat
17.29 Rulon: bisexualch: socila engenierring
17.29 Rulon: the questions for a credit card can be applied for sexuality kinda hacking
17.29 bisexualch: Sharnice: i want to but the only way i could do that is if we werent in school cuz my school is so f`n sucky and we have to be like 6in away from even boys cuz its a christan school
17.30 Sharnice: out of chat
17.30 bisexualch: and the only time i see her is in school
17.31 TINKERBELL: enter in chat
17.31 BABYGIRL: out of chat
17.31 Rulon: bisexualch: check her diary, not inside but i shr have
17.31 Rulon: is 50% str8
17.32 ESR: out of chat
17.32 BEYONCE: out of chat
17.33 TINKERBELL: out of chat
17.34 bisexualch: she dosnt bring her diary to school
17.34 Rulon: and the teacher was telling me verses in the bible ` DO YOU LIVE IN IRAN???????
17.34 bisexualch: so i dont know how to get it
17.34 bisexualch: and i dont even know if she has a diary
17.34 tatu: anybody wanna chat
17.34 softball16: out of chat
17.35 BLADES: enter in chat
17.35 bisexualch: do u have any other ideas?


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