#Repost @prattprattpratt with @repostapp ・・・ #IslandLife rainbow!!!! I'm smiling. This is my view. Im very excited to see this rainbow you have no idea.But more than the view, or the rainbow, it's them mutha fuckin leprechauns. They might have got me this once. But news flash I know where they live. And and gonna hunt one. And catch his ass. they're gonna WISH I didn't get three wishes cause I'm not gonna just use my three wishes to F them leprechauns up real bad for what they done to me but im gonna wish for a million wishes then use all million of them wishes to F them leprechauns up three million time three million to infinity for a lifetime son. Except, I will have a couple wishes saved for doing fun stuff with my family and friends just spitballing here but I've always wanted to shoot fish in a barrel. That is a thing I heard about. I always hear people talk about how easy it is. Sounds like a real riot. I'd # use probably a close range firearm so I could see the damage but maybe also you could just unload from like 20 feet with a bazooka or even a 30.06. Nonetheless. That rainbow is real. No filter. A gift from God to me which I guess technically I'm re-gifting to you guys. Don't take it personally it's the thought that counts. Goodnight.

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