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Math Rock, Post-Rock, Rock, Instrumental, Indie Rock

Jimmy LaValle

- The Album Leaf
- Gogogo Airheart

Christopher Sprague

Stephen Swesey

Luis Hermosillo

Jimmy Lehner

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Ahhh, Tristeza. Instrumental bliss. A tiny rocket exploding through a dense fog. Shards of sound coming together and falling apart, drifting, spinning, and twirling. There is a reason that this San Diego band has such a rabid fan base. Their music simultaneously soothes and disorients, weaving an intricate web of guitar and keyboard around tight, math rock percussion and watery bass. Then they take that web and turn it inside out, capturing you in shimmering waves of soothing numbness that wash over your limbs and make you feel like you are floating. The mixture of electric guitars, warm electronics, and spacy effects makes Tristeza's multilayered music as interesting as it is beautiful.

The group's 2002 offering Mixed Signals is a collection of remixes which ranges from ambient to IDM to breakbeat. The track offered here, "Casio," is remixed by Styrofoam.

"RMS 2000" and "Golden Hill" are from Tristeza's 1999 Makoto Recordings full-length, Spine and Sensory. That album is a soaring, hypnotic, and dreamy journey beyond traditional rock territory that delves into the realms of jazz, electronic music, and psychedelia. Tristeza followed that release with another ambient and gorgeous effort on Tiger Style Records in 2000, evocatively and rather appropriately titled Dream Signals in Full Circles, which features "Are We People.""A Little Distance" was originally released on the Spine and Sensory album but was given a Squarepusher-esque remorking by L.A. based computer wiz Dntel aka James Figurine and appears on Satellite Transmissions Technology: A Compilation of Remixes album. Tristeza also has seven-inches on Caffeine vs. Nicotine and Rocket Racer and a now out-of-print EP for the Insound Tour Support Series.


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