Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2004
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - [ Interscope Records ]

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Post-Punk, Rock, Indie Rock

Kevin Allen (drums, bass, organ, vocals)

Neil Busch (percussion, keyboards, sampling)

Jason Reece

Conrad Keely

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Tristeza - [ Tiger Style Records ]

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Math Rock, Post-Rock, Rock, Instrumental, Indie Rock

Jimmy LaValle

- The Album Leaf
- Gogogo Airheart

Christopher Sprague

Stephen Swesey

Luis Hermosillo

Jimmy Lehner

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Take the intricacy and complexity of classic weirdo hard rock bands like Rush and Voivod, then add some of punk's hyperspasmodic schizophrenia, and you'll have a legitimate math rock contender. Math rock bands take pleasure in being erratic and unpredictable, often experimenting with peculiar tempos and jazz-derived rhythms while keeping the rock hard and aggressive all the while. Their lyrics tend to be as cerebral and expertly designed as their songs. These bands are rock's architects of the future, recrafting and reinventing the genre's tired song structures.

viajare con el azul del horizonte
dormire con el asiento de un (proexeneta)
despertare en la urbe que no se achica
maldecire al la huelga que me perjudica

i`m here
they don`t
they are drinking now

i`m sleeping for aches